Google+ Team Adds Two New Features To Mobile Web App: What’s Hot Stream And Seeing Who +1’d A Post

Google+ continues to get better by the day, and as they continue to add features, we slowly see them trickle into the mobile app. Today the Google+ team was happy to announce two new features that will be available in the mobile app: What’s Hot stream and seeing who +1’d a post. It’s always nice to see web features added to the mobile version, and with these two you get:

  • With What’s Hot, you can now see some of the most interesting content being shared on Google+ with a flick of your thumb. To use it, just swipe to the right of your Circles stream.
  • To see who +1′d a post in the stream, just click on the +1 count underneath the post. It’s a small improvement that makes it easier to engage with others around content.

If you haven’t yet jumped on Google+, I highly recommend you do. Forget about those old boring social network sites, come hangout with us: +Vincent Messina, +Cult of Android

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