Verizon To Launch Galaxy S4 A Week Early On May 23


We didn’t expect Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 to arrive on Verizon until the very end of this month, but much to the delight of those who are waiting for it, the carrier has confirmed is launching the handset a week early on May 24.

That means there’s not just over one week to wait until you can get the latest Android flagship on Big Red.

Despite launching the device a week earlier than anticipated, Verizon is still the last of the top four carriers in the United States to offer the Galaxy S4 — though it has been accepting customer pre-orders for quite some time.

But come May 24, the device will be available to purchase in Verizon stores throughout the U.S., priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract. It’ll also be available to order from Verizon’s online store.