Viber Is Now Available On Mac & PC

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Viber, the popular cross-platform messaging service for smartphones, is no longer just for smartphones. The company has today launched new desktop applications that allow you to chat with friends; send stickers, emoticons, and photos; and make calls from a Mac or PC.

The great thing about Viber for desktop is that it syncs all of your messages with your mobile devices, so all the conversations you were having on your iPhone on the train into work can be picked up on the PC in your office — right where you left off.

The desktop applications give Viber a massive advantage over some of its biggest rivals, including WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service on mobile, which has previously shunned desktop support. It also gives the company a better chance of competing with the likes of Skype.

Viber’s desktop app sports an intuitive layout that places all of your contacts in a rail on the left side, so that you can quickly switch between conversations. The conversation itself then takes place in a window on the right, which is where you’ll see incoming messages, photos, and other content.

One of Viber’s best features is the ability to quickly send calls from your desktop to your mobile device, and vice versa.

Check out the promo video below.

Viber for desktop isn’t intended to replace the mobile app, and the company insists that mobile is still its focus. But unlike WhatsApp, it has acknowledged that many of us spend most of our days sat in front of a computer — and the desktop app makes it easier for us to continue using Viber in that situation.

Mac users who have tried Apple’s own Messages app will know that the ability to quickly reply to incoming messages without taking your fingers away from your keyboard is quite a blessing.