Samsung Boasts About New Features In Latest Galaxy S4 Ads [Video]


Samsung has revealed another two commercials for the new Galaxy S4, focusing on features that have been integrated into its TouchWiz user interface. One of the clips highlights the smartphone’s Eraser Shot feature, while the other shows off Easy Mode.

Eraser Shot is a nifty photo editing feature that allows Galaxy S4 users to erase unwanted parts of a picture. Samsung shows off the feature during a graduation, where it is used to erase a streaker that runs on stage and spoils a mother’s photograph.

In the second ad, Samsung shows off the Galaxy S4’s Easy Mode feature — which is actually available on older Samsung devices, too — which makes the company’s TouchWiz UI and Android in general a little easier to navigate for new users.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn much about Easy Mode from the clip; Samsung just shows us a quick glimpse at it on screen.

Both videos have been uploaded to Samsung’s official YouTube account, and we’re likely to see many more there in the coming weeks and months as the company markets its new flagship and attempts to fend off any competition from devices like the HTC One, and the upcoming iPhone 5S.

If you missed Samsung’s first Galaxy S4 commercials, highlighting Sound Shot, S Translator, and Group Play, check them out here.