DotEmu To Bring Classic Amiga Hit “Another World” To Android

DotEmu prides itself on bringing retro games back to life, and yesterday they announced they’d be bringing the cult classic Another World (Out Of This World to us in North America) to Android with the 20th Anniversary Edition. While the game has been available on iOS since September of 2011, it’s expected to hit Android in the next few months.

The 20th Anniversary Edition features both original and HD graphics which can be toggled with a simple gesture, as well as:

  • Fully remastered musics and sound effects.
  • New touch-based control mode.
  • Three difficulty modes.
  • Unlockable achievements via OpenFeint.

I’m going to assume the Android version will be extremely similar to the iOS version, and if that’s true, the major complaint has been about the controls. Apparently the controls are very frustrating and unreliable, leading to increasingly difficult gameplay. Other than that, it appears to be a hit and should stir up quite the memories for all you Amiga geeks out there. We’ll be sure to let you know when it hits the Android Market, until then, hit the source links to learn more about this 90’s cult classic.

via Android Police