Samsung’s Apple Store Clones Begin Popping Up In Best Buy Stores Across The U.S.


Samsung warned us that its Apple Store clones were on the way, and this week they’ve begun popping up in Best Buy stores across the United States. Dubbed “Samsung Experience Shops,” the locations give customers the chance to get their hands on Samsung smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices so that they can try them out before making a purchase.

The stores will also provide customers with after sales support from “Samsung Experience Consultants” — not to be confused with Geniuses at the Genius Bar. Samsung calls the service a “unique mobile shopping experience,” but anyone who’s ever set foot inside an Apple Store will tell you there’s nothing unique about it.

Samsung is planning to open up 1,400 Experience Shops altogether, with 900 scheduled by early May. Company CEO JK Shin joined Best Buy CEO Huber Joly to open up the New York Square venue — pictured above — on Wednesday. As you’d expect from Samsung, there was nothing low-key about the launch; the company threw a party and dragged Bruno Mars in to provide entertainment.

The launch comes just as the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s new Android flagship, is set to rollout in the U.S., and the stores will give potential customers the chance to try out the device before they buy one.