BBC iPlayer Radio Finally Comes To Android


The BBC’s iPlayer Radio app has finally arrived on Android, just over five months after making its debut on the iPhone, allowing you to take your favorite BBC radio stations with you wherever they go. You can listen to live radio from all of the BBC’s U.K. stations, over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

In addition to live streaming, you’ll be able to enjoy on-demand programs from the last 7 days, which lets you to catch up with your favorite shows if you’re not around to listen to the first broadcast. The app also boasts a full program guide that’ll tell you what’s on-air across all of the stations, and an alarm that’ll wake you up with your favorite station.

You can also set alerts for upcoming programs you don’t want to miss, access hundreds of BBC podcasts, and watch videos that include live music sessions.

The user interface will be familiar to those who have already tried the app on iPhone, because it’s very similar — though it has been tweaked in places to better fit Android’s interface guidelines. A “tuner dial” lets you quickly switch between radio stations, and you’ll see information on the track currently playing on each one, as well as the name of the show and its presenter.

You can browse shows by schedule, category, featured, and most popular. As you’d expect, the app allows you to listen to shows in the background while you use your device for other things, and you’ll get quick access to what’s playing via the notification panel.

See the app in action in the video below.

iPlayer Radio is available to users in the U.K., and it’s completely free to download and enjoy. If you have a Galaxy S III, be aware that you may have trouble using the app, but the BBC is already aware of it:

Some Samsung Galaxy S3 users may find that audio playback does not work for them for live or on-demand programmes. This is due to a problem with a specific recent firmware version for this device. Devices purchased independently of your network operator should not be impacted. A firmware fix has been deployed by Samsung but may take some time to be rolled out across all networks. Podcast and video playback should not be affected.

Download iPlayer Radio from Google Play now using the source link below.