Help Willow The Whale Escape The Clutches Of Evil Baron Von Barry In Whale Trail, Now Available In the Android Market

A cute new game hit the Android Market yesterday. It’s called Whale Trail, and if my hippie mom had a mobile phone back in the 60 and 70’s, she would have been all over this. Take a trip through rainbow land with Willow the whale, and fly through the 7 kingdoms of colour as he tries to escape the clutches of the evil Baron Von Barry and the Thunder Bros. Meet groovy friends as you fly through the clouds and collect Blubbles in this psychedelic side-scroller featuring:

  • Simple and intuitive one finger flight gameplay
  • Choose between Classic or Challenge game modes
  • 32 challenge levels and counting, can you THREE STAR them all?
  • Collect pickups to enter Frenzy and smash the grumpy Thunder Bros
  • Launch into space with Speed-Boosts and Hyper-Boosts
  • Compete against friends on Scoreloop leaderboards
  • 52 achievements to test your flying skills to the MAX

Whale Trail hit the market yesterday, and is being offered at a limited time only price of $.99. If you’re looking for an easy and fun game for your kids, I recommend Whale Trail as it’s perfect. The developers may be a little “in the clouds” but they did a great job and $.99 is well worth the price to capture the colors of the rainbow while doing endless loops around little fluffy clouds.

Android Market Link | Whale Trail

If that wasn’t trippy enough to send you into a flashback frenzy, check out the accompanying music video of Gorton’s Fisherman gliding through the clouds on his hoverround — I’ll take whatever he’s having thank you.