Motorola X Phone To Come ‘In Over 20 Different Colors’ [Rumor]


Motorola is expected to announce a new Android flagship called the X Phone sometime this year, and recent rumors suggest that it’ll be worth getting excited about — particularly if you like pretty colors. According to an unnamed source at Motorola, the device will be available “in over 20 different colors.”

The X Phone is believed to be the first Motorola handset that’s really had Google behind it, and one that’ll give Motorola a chance to compete with the likes of Samsung. In addition to a stock Android experience like Google’s Nexus devices, rumors have claimed the device will also offer high-end specifications with a modest price tag.

Other reports have also claimed that the device will be customizable, and that you’ll be able to choose between different display sizes, RAM options, and more. According to PhoneArena, that’s highly unlikely, but the device will be somewhat customizable in that it’ll be available in lots of different colors.

“You most likely won’t be able to change the internal hardware or any of the base specs that you see with a phone, but it looks like there will be a pretty impressive choice of color options for customers looking at the X Phone,” the site claims, citing a source at Motorola.

The amount of colors available is yet to confirmed, but “the choice may be over 20,” according to PhoneArena.

Thanks to Nokia’s Lumia devices, colorful smartphones are slowly becoming commonplace. Samsung offers its own Android handsets in various different shades, as do HTC and Sony. Some rumors have claimed that even Apple will offer its next iPhone in different colors, like the new iPod touch.

However, 20 different colors seems a little excessive, don’t you think?