Verizon Apparently Believes A 16GB SD Card Is Worth $100 – DROID RAZR 16GB Available Now For $199

Verizon’s latest move attempts to convince you that 16GB of memory is worth $100. In classic Big Red fashion, Verizon removed the 16GB SD card from the 32GB DROID RAZR and thus dropped the price to $199. This is of course in preparation for the DROID RAZR MAXX coming out with a $299 price. At $299, that puts the RAZR MAXX at the same price as the original RAZR, and in all honesty, who’s going to purchase the original RAZR with its smaller battery when they can get the MAXX for the same price?

This left Verizon wondering how they can still screw its customers while making the original RAZR look appealing. I know! Remove the 16GB SD card and drop the price $100! I can’t believe the pure douchery of Verizon. First they release a LTE phone with an irremovable small battery, knowing full well LTE devours battery life. Then they release a newer version with a larger battery and call it the MAXX, only to remove features from the original RAZR in hopes of being able to sell both. They screwed up, they should simply drop the price of the original RAZR and call it a day. Why remove the memory card?

I guess I shouldn’t fret too much as 16GB is plenty of space for the majority of users, and selling a 16GB phone such as the RAZR for $199.99 really isn’t that bad of a deal. But I’d be pissed if I had purchased the original DROID RAZR for $299 — with its dismal battery life — only to find Verizon adding a larger battery, slapping on the MAXX moniker, and then selling it for the same price. In my opinion they should exchange all the RAZRs they sold for RAZR MAXXs. That would be fair, but we know Verizon isn’t in the business of being fair.

While it sucks to be an original DROID RAZR owner right about now, it’s good news for anyone looking to pick up a 16GB RAZR at a decent price. If you’re interested, the device is now on sale at Verizon Wireless online.

via Droid-Life