HTC Confirms Reports That Sprint Has Asked OEMs To Begin Updates To Remove Carrier IQ

We reported on the good news of Sprint and HTC removing Carrier IQ from the HTC EVO 3D yesterday, but what would you say if I told you HTC has confirmed that Sprint will be phasing out Carrier IQ completely. I’m guessing the first thing you’ll do is remove that silly tinfoil hat from your head, then perhaps go outside again. Kidding aside, we knew this was coming, and it’s nice to see some confirmation on the subject.

The Verge received confirmation from a HTC spokesman today stating:

HTC can confirm that we’re working with Sprint to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier IQ and provide security enhancements and bug fixes beginning in January.

I can’t think of a single consumer who’s going to complain about that, but one does have to worry, what will they be replacing Carrier IQ with? I’m sure they won’t want to lose out on the wealth of information Carrier IQ was providing them with, but perhaps this time they will choose a more reliable company and proceed with caution and transparency. That’s it, score one for the community, and personally thank Trevor Eckhart for never backing down from Carrier IQ’s threats — making this all possible. Thanks Trevor!