Still Not Received Google Play 4.0 Yet? Here’s How To Install It Manually


Google launched a redesigned Google Play service last week, with a brand new look that better fits Android’s latest Holo user interface guidelines. The update is also intended to make it easier for you to discover apps, games, magazines, and other content, and it’s rolling out to Android devices now.

If you haven’t yet received the update — maybe because you’re outside of the U.S. — and you’re tired of waiting, you can install it manually. Here’s how.

Before we proceed, there is one caveat to this that you should be aware of. Because the latest Google Play release isn’t currently rolling out in all countries yet, the featured sections may not appear in your territory. However, you’ll still be able to use the rest of the app as you normally would to search, download, and update apps.

If you’d still like to go ahead, the first thing you’ll need is the Google Play 4.0 APK, which you can download now from the XDA Developers forum. It’s easier to download the app directly to your Android device, but you can download it on your Mac or PC and then transfer it to your device.

Once you have the APK, ensure your Android device is able to install apps from unknown sources. You’ll find this option within your Settings app. Now you can go ahead and open the APK file to install it. During installation, you’ll be asked if you want to overwrite the Google Play app that’s already installed, which you’ll need to confirm.

You now have the latest Google Play release installed. Enjoy!