Las Vegas Strip Club Says Google Glass Is Already Banned

Why so sad, Sergey?

Why so sad, Sergey?

Wearing Google Glass may have its advantages, but there are plenty of disadvantages, too. Not only does it look a little silly, but it’ll also get you thrown out of your favorite strip joint. One Las Vegas gentleman’s club owner says that Google Glass is banned before it is even released.

Google Glass has a ton of uses, and one of those is the ability to take pictures and record video — without anyone else knowing about it. As well as being kind of creepy, this poses a problem if you attempt to take Google Glass into places where cameras are prohibited.

“We’ve been dealing with the cellphone videoing and the picture taking over the years and we are quick to make sure that that doesn’t happen in the club,” Peter Feinstein, managing partner of Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, told NBC News. Any device that could be used for filming must be checked in when entering Sapphire — and the same goes for Google Glass.

“As the sale of [Google Glass] spreads, there’ll be more people using them and wanting to use them at places such as a gentlemen’s club,” Feinstein continued. “If we see those in the club, we would do the same thing that we do to people who bring cameras into the club.”

“If they don’t want to check it, we’d be happy to give them a limo ride back to their hotel,” Feinstein says.

Strip clubs in Las Vegas won’t be the only establishments you won’t get into with Google Glass, either. Filming and picture taking is also unacceptable in casinos, theaters, art galleries, and cinemas — amongst other places.

So even though you can find your way to pretty much anywhere with Google Maps in the corner of your eye, there’s no guarantee you’ll get in when you arrive.