Google Chrome For Android Finally Syncs Saved Passwords With Your Desktop


Google Chrome for Android finally has the ability to sync your saved passwords and auto-fill data with your desktop, thanks to its latest update. Chrome already syncs your bookmarks and your open tabs, but this is one handy feature it’s been missing until this week.

The new feature means all those logins you saved in Google Chrome on your desktop will now be available in Chrome for Android automatically — you no longer have to save them again on your Android device.

If you’ve been running the Chrome Beta app, this is already a feature you’ll be familiar with, because it has been in testing for several weeks.

The latest update also brings bug fixes, addressing a problem that presented blank pages when trying to access a URL. Google also says that several stability improvements have been made, which should make the app a little more reliable — not that it wasn’t already.

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome for Android now from Google Play by clicking the source link below.