Google Play Movies Now Available In Mexico And India


Now that the Google Nexus 7 has recently become available in India, Google is making sure their new owners will have plenty of new content to access on their new devices. Google Play Movies is now available to Android users based in Mexico and India, for the first time ever.

Google Play Movies allows users to view a large library full of the latest movies, where they are then offered the choice of purchasing or renting a movie. The announcement follows a fairly-recent update to Google Play Movies enabling real-time information cards to select programs revealing details on the current movie or TV show the user is streaming.

The information cards provide details about actors, music, and related films – any Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich has access to the information cards, so if you live in Mexico or India and have only just received access to the Play Store, be sure to check it out!

Google has released no further information regarding the availability of other Google services in India, Mexico and other regions where the services are currently unavailable – however we presume that their teams are working around the clock to bring access to the services that are currently unavailable.