Facebook Messenger For Android Gets Voice Calling In The U.K.


Facebook has begun rolling out its free voice calling feature to Facebook Messenger users in the United Kingdom, just days after the service landed in the U.K. on the iPhone. You won’t need to update the Facebook Messenger app; the feature will be added quietly in the background.

Facebook voice calling, which lets user make free calls to their Facebook friends over Wi-Fi and 3G, comes to the U.K. just over two months after it first debuted in the United States and Canada. It’s exclusive to the Messenger app, and isn’t yet available through the main Facebook app.

To make a voice call in Facebook Messenger on Android, simply find the contact you’d like to talk to, hit the “i” button alongside their name, then tap “Free Call.” All you need is a Wi-Fi or data connection. This gives Facebook the opportunity to compete with other voice calling services like Skype and Viber.

What’s more, it allows users to sidestep their carrier’s call fees by making calls over the Internet. This is particularly handy in foreign countries, where you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and make free calls without incurring those nasty roaming charges.

Not all Facebook Messenger users will see the feature right away; it appears to be rolling out gradually. So if you don’t see it right away, check back later on.