Google Chrome is Finally Coming to Android Handsets

It seems bizarre to me that Google hasn’t already introduced its popular web browser to its own smartphone operating system, however, it’s better late then never. According to the company’s Chromium Code Reviews website, Chrome for Android is on its way.

In a post titled “Set build target and evnvironment [sic] for Android,” Google seemingly confirms that it is working on a mobile version of its Chrome web browser for Android devices. When it will actually appear is unclear right now, but we certainly won’t rule out its debut with Ice Cream Sandwich.

There’s nothing to suggest Chrome will appear in ICS, however, we do know that the web browser in the upcoming OS is expected to be completely different. Whether or not it will sport the Chrome moniker remains to be seen.

Of course, this won’t be the first time Chrome has met Android. The browser also features in Google TV, which is powered by the Android operating system.

Will you be looking forward to Google Chrome for Android?