Simple Trick Lets Anyone Bypass Sony Xperia Z’s Lock Screen Security [Video]


Lock screen security flaws have been popping up a lot in recent weeks, with newly discovered bugs affecting the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II, and even Apple’s iPhone 5. Now the new Sony Xperia Z has one of its own, and it’s a pretty serious one.

By typing a simply series of digits, anyone can bypass your lock screen security and gain full access to your device. Check out the video below.

The flaw was discovered by GSMArena reader Scott Reed, who posted a demonstration video on YouTube. It appears to use some kind of service code that provides access to a whole bunch of test options for every component the device has. This menu is accessibly without unlocking the device.

In this video, Reed runs an NFC test. Once that is complete, he can hit the home button and he’s taken to the home screen — not back to the lock screen.

Sony has already had to issue one software update for the Xperia Z to address a “sudden death” issue that caused the device to randomly shut down. Now it’ll have to release another to fix a second serious flaw.