Leaked Google Play 4.0 App Shows Off Brand New Look [Video]


It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since Google last made major changes to Google Play, but it appears the company has been hard at work on another big overhaul. The Google Play 4.0 update has been leaked ahead of its official release, and it shows off a brand new look that seems to better fit Android’s Holo user interface guidelines.

The app was obtained by Droid-Life, which has published screenshots and a hands-on video that shows everything off. As you can see from the shots above, the redesign uses Google’s latest Android fonts, and it displays items in little white boxes that resemble Google Now cards.

Apps and other items now have bigger icons, but their dedicated descriptions pages are laid out pretty much the same as before; they’ve just had their look updated to fit in with the rest of the redesign.

Google has removed one of Google Play’s minor annoyances, which is the unnecessary confirmation page that’s displayed after you install an app. In the current Google Play release, you see a message that reads “App will be downloaded and installed,” and you have to back out of that or hit the “Keep Shopping” button to continue using the store. Thankfully, that’s now gone.

Check out Google Play 4.0 in action in the video below:

As noted by Droid-Life in the video, most of today’s Android handsets will be running Google Play version 3.10.14. The new one has the 4.0.16 build number. It’s unclear when this one will be made available to the public, but it appears there isn’t too much left to do before it’s ready to go live.

Google could make us wait until it unveils its Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, of course. But hopefully we’ll see the update before then.