Google Now Coming To Chrome On Windows & Chrome OS


Google Now, Google’s intelligent assistant that’s been wowing Android users since its introducing with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is coming to the company’s Chrome web browser on Windows and Chrome OS.

Its move to desktops has been the subject of rumors and speculation for a while, but until the feature recently appeared in a Chrome beta release, there’s been little evidence to back it up.

Google engineers added Google Now to the latest Chromium release, but unfortunately, it can’t be activated without a URL to the relevant Google Now server. But it’s there, and it’s the first real evidence we have that Google Now is finally coming to desktops.

The Verge reports that there’s no evidence the same feature will be coming to the Mac, unfortunately, so it’ll remain exclusive to Windows and Chrome OS initially. It’s also unclear when the feature will actually be made available to the public. All we can do now is wait for it.

For those who haven’t yet experienced Google Now, it’s a terrific feature that delivers “the right information at the right time” to your Android handset. It provides you with the day’s weather, tells you how much traffic there will be on your journey into work, keeps you updated on your upcoming flight, and gives you the latest sports scores.

And it’s all automatic; cards appear based on things you’ve searched for, your location, and items in your Gmail account — such as boarding passes.