Galaxy Note II Hack Bypasses Lock Screen Security To Get To Home Screen [Video]


A security flaw that allows users to bypass lock screen security and briefly access the home screen has been discovered on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The hack was discovered by Galaxy Note II owner Terence Eden, who stumbled across it simply by playing around with his device.

The trick is easy to perform; simply press the ‘Emergency Call’ button, then the ICE button, then the home button for several seconds. The home screen will then appear.

You don’t get a lot of time on the home screen before the device locks itself again, but it’s enough to access certain things. If one of your home screen widgets is a “direct dial” shortcut, for example, it’s possible to make a call on the device without properly unlocking it.

Other widgets will also allow unauthorized users to perform certain actions.

Check out the demonstration video below.

Eden says he reported the flaw to Samsung five days ago, but he’s yet to get a response. Here’s to hoping that the Korean company takes notice now that it’s making away around the web.