Vine On Its Way To Google Play As Soon As It Gets An Android Dev


Vine, a new video sharing service from a small team owned by Twitter, has become a big hit since making its debut on the iPhone back in January, and we Android users want to know when we’re going to get a slice of the action. According to a new job listing from the company — which seeks a lead Android engineer — it won’t be too long before the service hits Google Play.

Vine, which is being described as “Instagram for videos,” is looking for six people to join its team, according to a tweet sent out by co-founder Colin Kroll on Tuesday. One of those people will be an Android developer who will “lead development of the first version of Vine for Android.”

The candidate must have an “intimate knowledge of the Android ecosystem and community,” plus seven years of experience in software development, and three years of experience in developing “high performance” Android applications, amongst other things.

Given the company has only just started seeking an Android developer, it could be a while yet before Vine actually arrives on Android. However, it’s good to see that an Android app is in the works, and that those of us who don’t use iOS aren’t being ignored.

Vine first launched on iOS back in January, allowing users to share six-second videos with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. It has become very popular, despite being filled with porn almost as soon as it became available for download, forcing an update with a 17+ age rating.

The porn’s almost all gone now, unfortunately, but the service is still a great deal of fun.