Latest HTC One Press Images Reveal Back For First Time


HTC is going to be announcing the One, its latest Android flagship, in about an hour, and the handset’s final leaked press shots are quickly making their way around the web. While we already have a good idea what the device will look like thanks to previous leaked renders, these are the first to reveal the handset’s back along with its new rear-facing camera.

The images were first published by French site NowhereElse. It’s unclear how they were obtained, but we know HTC sometimes gives press releases and images to the media prior to a device’s official unveiling — so that they can prepare their stories — and so we have no doubts that these shots are genuine.

As well as showing off the device’s back for the first time, they also give us a glimpse of its side — and from what I can tell, it looks like the One will be very thin. That’s despite its rumored “ultrapixel” camera technology, which will utilize a number of sensors — as opposed to the traditional one — to produce better images.

HTC has also promised a better sound experience, which would explain why there are speaker grilles at both the top and bottom of the device.

I’ve long thought the HTC One looks like an iPhone 5, and I still do when I look at the silver model. But when I look at the front of the black model in this picture, I see the BlackBerry Z10. Either way, it’s a gorgeous device, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.