Upcoming WhatsApp Update Will Bring New Holo Interface To Android


The next update to WhatsApp for Android is set to introduce a new interface that better fits Android’s Holo UI guidelines. It hasn’t yet been made available in the Google Play store, but a screenshot of its notification settings has been leaked ahead of the release.

As you can see from the screenshot below, which was obtained by TeckComesFirst, there’s a big difference between the new interface on the left, and the current one on the right. It’s now more modern, and it’s a much better fit for the latest versions of Android.


The new WhatsApp update will reportedly come with the 2.9.2239 build number — the current one is 2.9.1547 — and it will require Android 2.1 or later. It’s unclear whether it will add any other new features, but the changes to its interface are likely to be the most significant.

Look out for the latest version of WhatsApp in the coming days and weeks.