Nuance Releases Dragon Go! Voice Recognition App For Android

Nuance is a leader in voice recognition applications, and today at CES, they have announced their latest application Dragon Go! for Android. Dragon Go! allows users to use voice commands to access and control over 200 leading services such as Spotify, Yelp, YouTube, AccuWeather, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango,, Pandora, Twitter, Wikipedia, and more. No more wasting time and fumbling with your device’s keyboard, simply speak a command or request and watch as Dragon Go! executes it.

Now just because Nuance’s Dragon Go! prides itself on its voice recognition software, doesn’t mean you have to speak. Dragon Go! also allows users to type their requests, for those times when speaking just isn’t an option. Dragon Go! and its convenient dynamic Dragon Carousel, gives users a side-by-side comparison of information across the most relevant sites, allowing users to choose from a variety of results for their request.

You’re probably not new to voice commands as your Android device provides numerous ways to access information by simply speaking, but Dragon Go! takes things much further with its broad support. To better understand just what the Dragon Go! app for Android has to offer, we recommend watching the video below. Then if you’d like more information or would like to download the app for your Android device, simply follow the source links provided afterwords. Cheers!

Android Market Link | Dragon Go!