LG Confirms Android Jelly Bean Updates Are Coming Soon To Optimus 4X HD, L9, L7


LG is known for being a little slow when it comes to issuing Android updates, but fortunately for three of the devices in its 2012 Optimus lineup, Jelly Bean is on its way. The Korean company has confirmed on its LG Hong Kong Facebook page that the Optimux 4X HD, the Optimus L7, and the Optimus L9 will all get Android 4.2 “in the first half” of 2013.

LG wasn’t any more specific than that, unfortunately, so we can’t tell you when you should start expecting the update on your handset. It’s also worth noting that the company specifically mentioned the P765 and the P705 when referring to the Optimus L9 and the Optimus L7; these are the Hong Kong and Asian versions of the device.

While we expect it to come to international versions, too, it could take a little longer.

LG hasn’t confirmed that Jelly Bean will be making its way to any other 2012 smartphones yet, but we’d be very surprised if these three devices are the only chosen ones. We’ll keep an eye on future announcements and we’ll let you know once we have them.

If you’re a fan of LG devices, keep an eye on Cult of Android later this month during Mobile World Congress. The company has teased a “breakthrough” device that it will be announcing that week, and we can’t wait to see what it has up its sleeve.