T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III LTE, Galaxy Exhibit Release Dates Are Leaked

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 15.54.08

An internal launch calendar from T-Mobile has been leaked online, revealed the launch dates of three Android handsets — including the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE and the Galaxy Exhibit — and the new BlackBerry Z10. Although these release dates are yet to be confirmed, it appears March is going to be a big month for T-Mobile.

The photograph of T-Mobile’s internal roadmap was obtained by the reliable sources of TmoNews, and so we have no reason to doubt its authenticity. Having said that, please bear in mind that these release dates are more than a month away, and that they could change slightly in that time.

For now, it appears the following five devices — one of which is a mobile hotspot — will be available from T-Mobile on that date:

  • T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE
  • Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit “Codina” prepaid in pebble grey
  • Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit “Codina” postpaid
  • Samsung T999L Galaxy S III LTE
  • BlackBerry Z10

Of course, the third device on that list is likely to excite T-Mobile customers the most. The Galaxy S III was the hottest Android handset of 2012, and adding speedy LTE connectivity only improves it. The only thing to remember is that its successor, the Galaxy S IV, could be just weeks away.