Temple Run 2 Is Coming To Android Next Week


Temple Run 2 made a somewhat surprising appearance on iOS yesterday, but as is often the case with new apps and games, there was no word on a possible Android counterpart. Fortunately for those itching to get their hands on the title, there isn’t long to wait. Developers Imangi Studios have confirmed that it will be coming to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore next week.

Imangi co-founder Keith Shepherd has confirmed to Polygon that the Android version of Temple Run 2 is “almost done,” and that the company intends to bring it to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore sometime next week. The date hasn’t been finalized yet, because “with these things, you never know,” Shepherd said. But providing everything goes to plan, you should see it soon.

Temple Run 2 offers a number of improvements that are sure to delight the millions of gamers addicted to the title, including “beautiful new graphics” and “gorgeous new organic environments.” It also introduces new obstacles, more power-ups and achievements, and four characters each with special powers.


The basics of the game, however, remain the same — you still control a character who’s running for their life by using various swipe and tilt gestures. What didn’t need changing or improving has been left well alone, so at heart, this is still the endless runner we’ve all grown to love.

As soon as Temple Run 2 is available to download on Android, we’ll let you know.