Modder Turns Old Game Boy Into The Coolest Android Game Controller [Video]


Forget all the gadgets that you’ve seen coming out of CES over the past few days, this is by far the best you’ll see this week. Chad Boughton has taken one of Nintendo’s original Game Boy handhelds and turned it into something useful — a game controller for his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. See it in action in Chad’s demonstration video below.

The controller actually uses the internals of a Wii remote controller to connect to the Galaxy Nexus via Bluetooth, and it works just as well as any other game controller would. Chad uses it to play Donkey Kong Country on an emulator in the video below, and as you’ll see, it’s stable and responsive.

There is one caveat to this hack, however. As Chad notes in the video, the original Game Boy has just a d-pad and two buttons (ignoring start and select) so games designed for certain systems won’t work so well. While it will be ideal for original Game Boy or NES ROMs, you’ll miss the extra buttons when playing games designed for consoles like the Game Boy Advance and the SNES.

With that being the case, this hack probably requires a little more effort than it’s worth. It’s going to be a lot easier — and probably cheaper — to just pick up a wireless controller designed for Android smartphones. Having said that, if you decide to perform this mod yourself, you’ll have the coolest Android game controller there is.

Find out how Chad performed his hack using the source link below.