Samsung Galaxy S III’s Exynos Patch Begins Its Rollout In U.K.


Samsung has begun rolling out a software patch to address a major security flaw with its Exynos processor that leaves a handful of Android handsets vulnerable to attack. The update is first reaching Galaxy S III owners in the United Kingdom, but we would expect Samsung to be working hard to make this one available worldwide as quickly as possible.

The security flaw was first discovered back in December by users of the XDA Developers forum, who found that it affected a number of Android-powered devices fitted with Samsung’s Exynos processor — including popular handsets like the Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Note II.

Several days later, Samsung promised to patch the flaw “as quickly as possible.” Galaxy S III users in the U.K. are now seeing that patch, just over two weeks later.


In addition to fixing this vulnerability, and various other bugs, SamMobile speculates that the software may also address the “sudden death” issue that’s been causing some Galaxy S III handsets to become nonfunctional, or “bricked.” This is another problem Samsung promised to address, but the Korean company has not confirmed whether this update brings a fix.

If you’re a Galaxy S III owner in the U.K., you can download Samsung’s latest patch over-the-air by hitting the software update button within your Settings app. Alternatively, you can also plug your handset into your Mac or PC and use Samsung’s Kies application to install it.