Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Finally Hits Google Play — For Real This Time

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City finally makes its debut on Android today, a week after the title make its mobile debut on iOS. It comes to celebrate the original title’s 10th anniversary, and although it’s very much the same game we enjoyed on PlayStation 2 back in 2002, developers Rockstar Games have made a bunch of nice improvements.

Vice City comes to Android a week later than originally planned thanks to a number of pesky errors that delayed its launch. But I think you’ll agree it’s been well worth the wait. Like Grand Theft Auto 3, which Rockstar brought to mobile last year, Vice City is an almost exact port of the original.

It has been improved in some areas, however. You can look forward to updated graphics, character models, and lighting effects; and more precise firing controls and targeting options. Android users can also enjoy compatibility with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller, and select USB gamepads.

To download the game, and to check out a list of devices that have been tested with it, visit Vice City’s Google Play page using the source link below.