Google Voice, Translate, Authenticator, And My Tracks All Receive Updates

We told you earlier about the update for Google Search, but it turns out Google actually updated a whole collection of apps today. The array of apps updated includes Google Voice, Translate, Authenticator, and My Tracks. We’ll do a quick rundown of what’s new in each app and provide you with a Play store link to download them.

My Tracks

Google’s popular GPS tracking app received a few minor updates giving users a new map view as well as a new app widget.

If you’re a frequent “tracker,” you’ll appreciate the new widget.

Google Play Link: My Tracks

Google Voice

It’s not the major UI update many of you have been waiting for, but Google did manage to fix a few issues such as delayed SMS notification, inbox syncing, and duplicate notifiactions.

The app could still use a lot of work, but for now, we’re happy to see a couple fixes.

Google Play Link: Google Voice

Google Translate

Google Translate continues to break language barriers by providing us easy and convenient ways of translating text. In this latest update, Translate has gained the ability to translate Chinese, Japanese, and Korean via your Camera (horizontal text only, for now).

The app now also recognizes handwriting in the following languages: Afrikaans, Croatian, Czech, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Welsh.

Simply an amazing app, which of course, can be downloaded by following the below link.

Google Play Link: Google Translate

Google Authenticator

Google’s Authenticator app received a minor update filled with bug fixes and a few UI improvements. Not much else to note here but an updates an update.

Google Play Link: Google Authenticator

Other Google Apps

Here’s a few other Google apps that saw updates today:

Happy updating!