Samsung Galaxy S III Finally Gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update In Canada

It’s about time.

Galaxy S III owners in Canada have just been treated to an early Christmas gift, courtesy of Samsung. The company is now — finally! — rolling out its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update over-the-air to those on Bell, Rogers, TELUS, and Virgin.

The update comes several months after it first made its way to Galaxy S III handsets in Europe, but many will feel it’s been well worth the wait. In addition to Google Now, Android 4.2 brings Project Butter to Samsung’s flagship smartphone, providing users with smoother, slicker performance all-round.

It also adds the Pop Up Play functionality, and a new “Blocking Mode” that prevents the device from alerting you to new notifications — much like Apple’s new Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6.

The update weighs in at 318MB, so you’ll want to ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before beginning the download. Alternatively, you can plug your handset into your Mac or PC and update it using Samsung’s Kies application.