Google Creates A More Respectable App Review System Thanks To Google+ Integration

Google has recently updated the review system for the Google Play store by linking all reviews to a users Google+ account. While this move is sure to incur backlash from privacy proponents and angry trolls, I’m all for it and feel it creates a more respectable app review system that I can trust.

Anyone who tries to write a review from this point on should be met with pop-up you see above.Simply stated: “from now on, reviews you write will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.”

All previous reviews have taken on the identity of “A Google User” which shouldn’t really bother anyone considering that’s about equal to a review from billybob123456 anyhow.

Will this put an end to bogus reviews and trolls? Of course not. But it will give me a better idea of which reviews/reviewers are bogus or trolls. This move not only does wonders for the integrity of the Play store but also helps developers better identify with their customers.

I welcome this change and look forward to reading more honest, coherent, and informational reviews.