HTC DROID DNA Sports A Few Surprises, Including Being Completely GSM Unlocked

Phil over at Android Central has been spending some quality time with the HTC DROID DNA and just so happened to uncover a few surprises. On the back side of the device, to the left of the camera lens, there happens to be a mysterious circle of pinholes. Intriguing to say the least, but when looking for answers, not even HTC’s team members were sure what it was.

What looked like a speaker, actually turned out to be a notification light. That’s right, a notification light on the backside of the device. HTC made the decision to include a notification light on the backside for those times when users have their device face down.

Apparently having your device face down is quite popular, especially when manufacturers include software for quickly silencing your phone by placing it face down. This way, no matter which way your device is facing, you’ll know whether or not you’ve missed a call, message, etc.

See it in action HERE

Pretty neat, huh? But wait… that’s not all!

It also turns out that the DROID DNA is completely GSM unlocked (at least the pre-release model is). Simply pop in your SIM card, change your APN settings, and it’ll work on any GSM network with 850/900/1900/2100 MHz!

Are we going to start seeing people run out to purchase a full retail DROID DNA complete with Verizon branding to be used on AT&T or T-Mobile? Highly unlikely, but it’s nice to know you’ll be able to use the DROID DNA when you go overseas and have to pop in a foreign carrier’s SIM.

These little surprises may have no effect on your decision to buy, but they’re interesting nevertheless.

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