Enjoy Wasting Money? Then Why Not Walk Into A T-Mobile Store Tomorrow And Grab A Nexus 4 For $499

Did you miss your window of opportunity today when the Nexus 4 randomly popped in and out of the Play store? Not to worry, T-Mobile has your back and is completely content with reaching into your pocket to steal your hard earned money. Starting tomorrow, select T-Mobile store will begin selling the LG Nexus 4 for $499. Yep, you read that right, a whole $150 more than what its selling for on the Play store — and yes, it’s the exact same device.

Why in the world would T-Mobile blatantly rip off its customers? I don’t think you really want the answer to that. Anyways, there’s tons of theories from Google selling the Nexus 4 at a loss to T-Mobile just being greedy. However, my theory has to do with the fact that T-Mobile will also be offering the Nexus 4 on-contract for only $199.

I don’t believe T-Mobile has any intention whatsoever to actually sell the Nexus 4 at full retail. If a few clueless or foolhardy people want to throw their money away, it’s simply a bonus. I think T-Mobile is banking on customers taking advantage of the subsidized pricing, which is actually $150 less than what you’d pay on the Play store.

When you think about it, picking up a subsidized Nexus 4 isn’t that bad of an idea for users who plan on being with T-Mobile for the next two years anyways. Obviously this option makes no sense for those looking to avoid contracts or go prepaid, but nevertheless, it’s another option.

I know your fingers are still twitching from all that F5 action but just sit tight and be patient, the Play store will certainly replenish its stock soon.