T-Mobile Offering An Array Of Samsung 4G Smartphones For Free This Friday And Saturday

Last week we gave you a heads up on a sweet two-day T-Mobile promotion set to begin on the 16th. Today, we have the full details and if you haven’t already committed to a Nexus 4, you’ll want to check out what T-Mobile has to offer.

Starting Friday, Novemeber 16, T-Mobile will allow new and existing eligible customers the opportunity to score a 4G Samsung smartphone for $0 after mail-in rebate. Before I go into more details, let me just burst your bubble now by informing you that the Galaxy Note II isn’t part of the promotion. However, the Samsung Galaxy S III is!

This is a great opportunity to pick up one of this year’s best Android phones for the low cost of nothing. As long as you’re willing to pay for the device up front and sign a new two-year contract, T-Mobile will reimburse you the cost of the device via a mail-in rebate card.

Here’s an example of device pricing and mail-in rebate amounts when signing up for a two-year Classic Plan.

If you’re on T-Mobile or looking to switch, you’d be crazy to pass up this deal. There’s simply no better offer around than a free Samsung Galaxy S III.

For more information on this two-day sale, hit up the source link below.