Verizon App Store Bloat Out, Amazon App Store Bloat In: Verizon To Start Preloading Devices With Amazon App Suite

In classic Verizon fashion, the company known for bloat has decided to start preloading devices with a new Amazon App Suite. Users thought they were finally catching a bloat break when Verizon announced it was phasing out the Verizon App Store, but it appears Verizon never had any intention of letting users keep that extra space. The new Amazon App Suite is expected to launch with the recently announced HTC DROID DNA and provide users with a centralized Amazon storefront whether they like it or not

What really sucks, is the HTC DROID DNA only comes with 16GB of internal storage with no support for expansion (unless we see a DNA+ in the next couple months). After software, skins, and Verizon bloat, I’d be surprised if users were left with anything above 10GB for themselves.

It’s truly a sad situation, but one that you are being made aware of (if you read news sites like Cult of Android). So do what’s best for you and vote with your wallet. If you don’t like what Verizon is doing, then don’t keep throwing your money at them. You have alternatives, pursue them.

If you don’t mind having Verizon decide what to load your device with and think of it as a convenience, then by all means, keep throwing your money at them. Cheers!