NFL Mobile Now Working On Galaxy Nexus

A couple of weeks ago, football fans received the good news: “The Super Bowl, Pro Bowl And NBC’s Wild-Card Playoff Games Will Be Streamed On Mobile Phones For The First Time.” I was excited to hear the big game would be streamed via the NFL Mobile app on Verizon, and quickly began gloating about how I’d have “the game cued up on my brilliant Samsung Galaxy Nexus.” In a bit of irony, my premature excitement was soon squashed by none other than Verizon. Apparently the Galaxy Nexus was not a supported device of the NFL Mobile app, and I was left only to hope Verizon would fix this before Super Bowl Sunday.

I was left to wait, like many others, for Verizon to update the NFL Mobile app and add support for the Galaxy Nexus. Finally, we were given some hope when Verizon updated the NFL Mobile app claiming support for the Galaxy Nexus, only problem was — it still didn’t work. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Verizon to fix whatever problems they were having, and quickly another update was released — this time, one that worked! That’s right, I’m now happy to report that the NFL Mobile app is fully functional on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is ready for some football! If you haven’t downloaded the app, or are still on the previous version, head over to the Android Market to get the updated version.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but — Verizon, you did good.

Android Market Link | NFL Mobile