Wreck-It Ralph Game Jumps His Way To Android Courtesy Of Disney

Everyone’s favorite game jumping hobo has found his way to Android. If you haven’t already gone to see the movie, I highly recommend it. The Wreck-it Ralph game for Android is the perfect extension to this adorable movie and transports you to Game Central Station to join your favorite characters in three fun but challenging games.

Fix-it Felix Jr.

  • Ralph wrecked it, now you get a chance to fix it!
  • Awesome 8-bit graphics that pay homage to the classic arcade era.
  • Climb, dodge and magic hammer your way to a high score!

Hero’s Duty

  • Suit up and play as Sergeant Calhoun and teach those cy-bugs a lesson they’ll never forget!
  • Blast cy-bugs in level after level of bug clearing action.
  • Grab different weapons and make your momma proud!

Sweet Climber

  • It’s Ralph’s time to shine in an endless climbing game!
  • Use tilt controls and fizzy jet packs to climb as high as possible.
  • Jump from candy stalk to candy stalk, but watch out for weak branches!

Wreck-it Ralph is available in the Play store and well worth the $0.99 Disney is asking for it. Hit up the Play link below to grab Wreck-it Ralph for your Android device today.