SugarSync App Updated, Now Includes AutoSync For Videos

Popular Cloud Service SugarSync has been providing users with a convenient and reliable way to backup, sync, and access all their files on-the-go. Up until today, SugarSync for Android only allowed users to automatically sync photos and files using their AutoSync feature. Now, thanks to an update, SugarSync offers automatic backup of your videos too!

Users of the SugarSync Android app will now enjoy effortless syncing of their videos to the Cloud and their computers when on Wi-Fi. Users will of course continue to enjoy all the usual benefits of SugarSync for Android, such as:

  • – Get anytime, anywhere access to all of your files, photos, and music
  • – Instantly back up and sync photos and videos taken using the device’s camera to your computers (no wires needed!)
  • – Share any file or folder from your computers, even if it’s huge
  • – Stream your entire music collection, even while you use other apps
  • – Download files or entire folders for fast, offline viewing
  • – Make changes to files on your computer, SugarSync automatically syncs it to your computers
  • – And much more!

If you’d like more information about SugarSync and its latest update for Android, simply follow the source links below.

Android Market Link | SugarSync