Rogers Purportedly Announcing New Plan Structure Tomorrow And It Doesn’t Look Good

According to a source who spoke with Android Central, Rogers is preparing to announce an all new plan structure come tomorrow. A quick glance at the flyer depicting the new plans shows the familiar “unlimited talk” sell. Now that customers have become more data hungry and less dependent on voice, carriers have switched to offering “unlimited” voice and less data (yea, I know) — pawning the “unlimited” voice off as a value (when everyone knows it’s not).

Those looking to sign up with Rogers will most likely be looking at one of the following packages:

  • Occasional plan ($55) – 200 MB, 1,000 weekday minutes
  • Social plan ($65) – 1 GB, unlimited local calling
  • Streamer plan ($75) – 3 GB, unlimited local calling
  • Connected plan ($95) – 5 GB, unlimited Canada-wide calling

Overage charges on the $75 and under plans appear to be $15/GB while the Connected plan will penalize you $10/GB for data overage. Also, additional extras like Caller-ID and voicemail (which should come standard in my opinion) will remain an extra cost.

The tipster also reported that Rogers would be doing away with the My5 and My10 programs.

I’m guessing these changes will result in a lot of unhappy Canadians who may just find themselves considering viable alternatives.