Vic Gundotra Takes A Few Beach Shots With The New Nexus 10, Reminds Us How Cool It Is To Be Him

Ahhh, the life of Vic Gundotra: private jets, beaches, and unannounced Android devices. To remind us just how cool it is, he’s posted a few snapshots using the soon-to-be-announced Nexus 10. This 10-inch Nexus tablet is slated to be announced at Google’s event this Monday in NYC (pending a hurricane). While most individuals won’t be using their tablets to snap photos, it’s nice to have the option, and judging by these pics — not a bad option at all.

The G+ info lists the photos at a 3.1MP resolution but it’s unclear if that’s what it was taken at or whether or not that’s simply the resolution resized for Google+. Some of the pics also seem to have some inkling of an HDR mode or software filter, so it’ll be interesting to find out if these are added features in Android 4.2 or if Vic was simply using something like Snapseed (wouldn’t be the first time).

The Nexus 10 is very real and should make its public debut Monday October 29. If that date changes due to NYC getting bashed by hurricane Sandy, we’ll let you know. Until then, drool over the multitude of leaks and make sure there’s enough room on those credit cards to load up on all the new Nexus devices.