T-Mobile To Show Its Wares On October 29 – Coincidence?

Well what do we have here? It appears T-Mobile is holding a showcase in NYC on October 29 — yep, the same day as Google’s Android event as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event. Coincidence? Maybe… maybe not. Before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s no mention of T-Mobile having anything to do with the Google event, so the chances of them having first dibs on whatever Google announces is unlikely.

I’ve put the thought of T-Mobile showcasing a new Nexus far, far away… and I’m not letting it out. However, I expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note II along with a few other Android and Windows Phone 8 devices shown off instead. Remember, Samsung is holding their U.S. Galaxy Note II launch event in NYC five days prior, so the Note II is a definite in my eyes. The rest is up in the air.

T-Mobile hasn’t exactly been wowing the masses with their lineup of smartphones, so we’re hoping they bring their A-game and give us something to be excited about. What devices are you hoping to see from T-Mo?