Motorola Makes A Few Changes To Upgrade List, Find Out If Your Device Is Scheduled For Android 4.1

We already heard from Sony today, why not Motorola next? Motorola has made a few changes to their list of devices that are scheduled to receive Android 4.1 and you might find a few surprises.

I’m pretty sure DROID Bionic users were happy to finally hear that Ice Cream Sandwich was on its way, but what will they say now that Motorola says Jelly Bean will also be coming? According to the list, that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. When that will happen is an entirely other story.

It even looks like DROID 4 and OG RAZR owners will see the update at some point. As for the rest of you, if your device isn’t listed, you can start thinking about upgrading to a new device and taking advantage of Motorola’s $100 trade-up rebate.

There’s no telling if this list will undergo another change before updates actually happen, for now, this is the current status — straight from the horses mouth. Follow the link below for the list in its entirety.