Ice Cream Sandwich Coming Soon To The DROID Bionic, Support Docs Now Live On Verizon

Last week we caught wind of a soak test going out to Bionic users and speculated that it had to be Ice Cream Sandwich. Well… it was and it’s been approved by Verizon. You’ll now find the support documents for the Ice Cream Sandwich update located on Verizon’s support page which means a release is right around the corner. It’s pretty safe to say Bionic users have written off Motorola at this point, but perhaps a little Ice Cream Sandwich will ease the pain until they become eligible for an upgrade.

When the update starts rolling out, you’ll see all the usual upgrades involved with Ice Cream Sandwich as well as a few extras. If you can’t read what’s new on the image above, you can check out the list below:

Application Updates
– Mobile IM has been removed
– New versions of the following applications have been added:

  • Verizon Remote Diagnostics (VRD)
  • My Verizon
  • Amazon Kindle
  • GoTo Meeting application
  • Blockbuster application
  • Citrix Receiver

Email / Messaging
– Resolved issues with AOL email and AOL Connectivity Error.
– Improved Text Message Delivery.
– Enhanced connectivity and reliability of Visual Voicemail (VVM).

Stability and Performance Improvements
– Improved sync with Google® Calendar.
– Mobile Hotspot has improved Data Connectivity.
– Global Roaming Notification warning appears within the Verizon Wireless
extended network.
– Backup Assistant has improved connectivity and stability.
– GetDeviceID API is now available.
– Improvements to Google® Play auto restore have been made.
– User is able to add and delete Facebook accounts from the device.

Hang in there guys, it won’t be much longer.