What You Might Have Missed: Hilarious SNL Skit, Granny Smith Update, And More

Monday is here… *sigh*. While you were busy trying to accomplish every “to-do” relax over the weekend, a few stories developed that you may have missed. I’ll briefly round-up a couple bits of information here for you to catch up on and then let you get back to enjoying your Blue Monday.

Granny Smith Updated With 12 Out Of This World Space Levels

The guys over at Mediocre must have been reading my “What I’ve Been Playing” feature as they’ve answered my cry for more Granny Smith levels. Granny Smith was updated with 12 new gravity challenged space levels.

Don’t ask me how Granny Smith or the boy next door found their way into space but they’re there, racing for those apples. The new levels proved to be more challenging than the original set and should keep you busy for a bit.

Granny Smith

Padfone 2 Shows Itself Ahead Of Official Announcement

The Padfone 2 popped up in a few images and a video over the weekend — unfortunately, the video has since been removed. We still have some images, and while the device maintains many of the basic design features as the original Padfone, it looks much sleeker. It also sports a larger 4.7-inch HD display and tweaked docking slot.

Delays and awful pricing of the original Padfone all but guaranteed a DOAn — let’s hope ASUS has learned its lesson and gives this unique product a chance to survive.

Source Link:@evleaks

LG Lays Out Jelly Bean Schedule For Some Devices

LG is making a hard push to become a strong player in the Android market and will most likely be the manufacturer of the next Nexus. They’ve also decided to layout their plans for updating some of their current devices to Android 4.1. It’s not a long list by any means (actually, one of the shortest lists we’ve seen), but if you are one of the few LG devout out there, your device might just be on it.

  • Optimus LTE II starting next month
  • Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu II in Korea will get Jelly Bean starting in Q1 2013
  • Optimus G models should start receiving an update to Jelly Bean in December

Source Link: LG

Hilarious SNL Skit Puts iPhone 5 Complaints In Perspective

SNL couldn’t resist tackling the numerous iPhone 5 complaints with a little humor and humility. While it’s certainly funny, it’s also a stark reminder of how absurd we sound complaining about such trivial things as lens flare.