Google+ Page Support Finally Hits Mobile Devices Thanks To Latest App Update

One of the most requested features of the Google+ apps has been support for Pages. Users have been dying for the ability to manage their Pages from within the mobile app. Thankfully, Google listened, and has finally pushed an update to the Android app to allow for Page support. But before you go saying Hallelujah, they didn’t exactly implement it in the best possible way. It’s actually a bit annoying, especially if you use Google’s 2-step verification.

Anytime you want to switch between your personal Google+ account and your Page accounts, you literally have to sign out and sign back in to each account. It’s nothing like the ease of use on the web client where all you have to do it toggle between accounts.

Making users sign out and in every time they want to switch between accounts isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a step backwards when you’re used to the simplicity of the web client. Not to mention the added pain for those using Google’s 2-step verification.

Hey, at least it’s an option now… right?

Other than Page support, Google has added a couple additional features such as a “Find People” tab for easily discovering people and topics, as well as a home screen widget redesign.

To grab the latest update, simply head into the Play store by following the link below.