Springpad For Android Adds Support For Rich Notifications And More In Latest Update

The popular productivity app Springpad gained a few great features on both its web app and mobile apps. If you thought organizing your virtual notebooks with Springpad was already easy, wait until you start using this updated version. Features include:

  • Re-introduction of the Board View: Springpad introduced this feature in 2010 and is bringing it back, revamped. It enables people to drag and drop content onto a scrapbook-like page for personal usage for planning trips, redecorating or any planning need!
  • Manually Reorder Items: Springpad notebooks are now able to be organized in a fashion that makes the most sense to the user, whether that’s by priority, aesthetic appeal or for the ease of all the collaborators on the notebook.
  • Rich Android Notifications: This is a personal favorite update of mine, and makes Springpad even more efficient by taking advantage of rich notifications to let users take direct action without launching the application. So, people can now receive push notifications as notebook collaborators save ideas, to-do lists, or content.

It’s nice to see Springpad taking advantage of Android’s rich notification system and that should save users a ton of time.

The team at Springpad continues their commitment to provide the best experience possible for their over 3.5 million users and these updates are just a few ways of making things easier and more manageable.

You can grab the update for the Android app by following the Play link below.