Android 4.0.4 Starts Rolling Out To T-Mobile HTC One S Customers

We’re getting reports of an update hitting T-Mobile HTC One S customers via OTA. It bumps up the software to Android 4.0.4 and brings along some much needed fixes. If you own a T-Mobile HTC One S, you might want to check to see if the update has made it to your device yet. Once downloaded, the update should fix and improve upon:

  • Data connection delay
  • Signal fluctuations
  • Wi-Fi dropping connection or not connecting
  • Wi-Fi stays connected when out of range
  • Device crashes or restarts
  • Email links not opening
  • Loading screens or lag when returning to home screen
  • Streaming music skips
  • Wi-Fi stability
  • User interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity

T-Mobile hasn’t posted anything official on the update, but the guys over at the Android Central forums seem to have things covered. Enjoy the update!